Saturday, March 27

Jiriboi In Action

As u all know, Jiriboi is the name of a superhero. Jiri is the name when I'm not a superhero. Get it? Just like Superman and Clark Kent. Hehe

On 24th of March, Sofnis's car broke down. Its battery flat. after went to the workshop nearby, the mechanic told her that the battery cannot be charge anymore. It can only be use for the alarm and light. Then Sofnis decided to buy a new one. But she don't have transport to go. And so the story begin.

"Jiriboi, kau tgh buat apa? Aku nak pergi bank then pergi workshop nak beli battery kete."
"5 minit." HAHAHAHA

about 7-8 mins Jirboi sampai. Delayed sebab suit ketat. So Jiriboi terpaksa mendedahkan identiti beliau. We went to CIMB. Sofnis just manage to withdraw RM100. Plus RM54 in hand make a total of RM154. Then we went to the Shop. That Apek want to sell the dry alkaline battery for RM160. Then we kautim kautim, plus he saw the money not enough, he gave us RM155. Holiaoowww...

Then we went back to Hillcity. Pasang the battery. It's my first time. Tapi Jiriboi mesti macho.

Sofnis asked me, "Jiri kau reti ke?".
Jiriboi replied, "Laa.. Kau tak reti?".
Aku pon mule letak slow slow.
And puff.. I've done it! :D

Macho kan kan kan :D

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